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Our Mission

We want to offer a fast, friendly means for local businesses to get listed about their services and offerings during these stressful times.   While a business should not stop marketing with whomever they choose to use, this directory, we're hopeful, this will get picked up by social media and other outlets in our area and help YOU spread the word that YOU are still in business.  That YOU have food services, home services, retail services still available no matter what condition we are currently facing.

There is no fee (Yes this is a FREE site) to join this directory - your information won't be sold, given away or distributed to ANY parties.  We have many, many small business friends and we respect their information.  We also have experience and marketing and media and can certainly offer suggestions to you if you are looking for a way to get your information out in a paid method.

We certainly wish the best for each and every business right now - We acknowledge the hardships some of you are facing - and hope this small opportunity helps!


Best Wishes,

What's Open Team